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Neopets has always had a special place in my heart. It was a huge part of my life my growing up and even for awhile as an adult. After a long hiatus, I started getting back into it again (mostly just through merchandise, a Neoclone, and looking at people's fanart/comics) and wanted to put together a little site.

Articles & Stuff

Just little projects and things that I wanted to do or write about.

Moderneo Guides

Modern Neopets is a fan-run site Neoclone of old-school Neopets. I really enjoy it despite the slower pace. These are mirrors of my Pet Pages.

  • Treasure Maps Guide

    Treasure Map

    How to find treasure map pieces and rewards for completing sets.

  • Grimoires Guide

    Eritique Arcus, a grimoire

    A primer on Moderneo-exclusive grimoires, where to find them, and what they do.

More About Me

My favorite Neopets species are the Bori and Kougra. My first Neopet I ever made was a Kougra and it always felt like my 'main' pet but that changed when the Bori was introduced in 2004. Now they're kind of tied for favorite.

White Kougra Yellow Bori

When I was a kid, I thought Aishas were ugly for some reason and I have no idea why. Nowadays I absolutely love them. Same with the Poogles. They're just so dopey looking. I love it. Honestly, all the Neopet designs are great. I don't think I dislike any of them.

Shadow Wocky

Right now, I unfortunately don't have access to my main account anymore. Hopefully that'll change one day if the support staff decide to change their policy on recovering accounts with email address you don't remember. Haha...

Retrowave Aisha

I'm still playing a little bit on one of my side accounts and also started playing on Modern Neopets. My account over there is Cocoa. Since there's not a lot of content yet, my main "thing" is working my gallery which is a collection of every tiger-striped item in the game.

I'm also looking to join more Neoclones like Moderneo. If anyone has a spare referral code for Grundo's Cafe, I'd be extremely grateful. My discord is jpegg#5671 and my Twitter is @EggPennies if anyone wants to contact me.

Jakks Kougra plushie

Besides just playing, I'm starting to collect merchandise again, mostly just Kougras and Petpets. My collection isn't huge yet and I need to clean and fix up a lot of it since I bought some things secondhand and they're... uh, in "loved condition" to put it nicely.

I'm really hoping for some nice Bori plushies eventually too one day. They were introduced fairly late into Neopets' life in ~2004 and missed out on soooo many of the old merchandise promos like Limited Too and just missed that infamous McDonald's promo that came in waves and most of the pets got plushies. They also never got anything for that one massive Jakks promo either... I remember being so bitter back then and I still kind of am tbh. Jakks did make some awesome plushies for other species though, not going to lie.

Anyway, thanks for visiting my dumb site! I hope you felt just as nostalgic reading this as I did typing it up!

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