Treasure Maps Guide

Treasure Maps

Treasure Maps are big part of Modern Neopets, even more so than on retail Neopets. Here's a quick guide on how they work along with their rewards.

The Basics

Moderneo vs. Retail

Treasure Maps on Moderneo mostly work the same way they do on retail Neopets but there are a few twists:

  • the rewards for the non-Secret Laboratory Maps are actually good or at least decent
  • certain maps award certain sidebar themes
  • they can be completed an infinite amount of times
  • map pieces are individually named (e.g. Spooky Treasure Map 8 instead of just Spooky Treasure Map)

How to find pieces

Occultus Loco

The most consistent way to acquire map pieces is to use an Occultus Loco.

Using this grimoire will give you three random map pieces of any type except for the Forgotten Shore. It's possible this will change in the future once dubloons become more useful.

The Occultus Loco can be purchased from the Hidden Tower for 150,000 NP. The Hidden Tower's stock rotates every two days so if you don't see an Occultus Loco for sale, just keep checking back. It will be in stock eventually.

It can also stock at The Neovian Printing Press but it's extremely rare.

Lastly, the Occultus Loco is tradable and can be sold in users' shops, so that's an option as well. Just be aware that they are always in high demand so don't be surprised to see people selling them for over 300k NP.

Random Events

It's possible to get individual pieces from a Random Event. The piece you receive depends on the day:

  • Monday: Spooky Treasure Map
  • Tuesday: Piece of a Treasure Map
  • Wednesday: Underwater Map
  • Thursday: Space Map
  • Friday: Forgotten Shore Map Piece
  • Saturday: any map piece from any map set
  • Sunday: Secret Laboratory Map

This Random Event has a 1/5 chance to give you a Secret Laboratory Map piece regardless of what day it is. Additionally, if the Random Event does not select a Secret Laboratory Map piece, there is a 1/10 chance to give you an Occultus Loco instead of a map piece.

This info comes straight from the updates channel on the Moderneo Discord and from what I can tell, it's still accurate. Sometimes you can receive a Petpet Laboratory Map piece on any day of the week but I think that might be a different Random Event entirely.

Since you can get a Random Event once every 8 minutes, you might want to set a timer or something. There are plenty of websites and apps that will do this for you. You should also be able to set an alarm on your phone or computer's built-in clock and use the 'snooze' function to repeatedly get notifications.

Other places

Just like on retail Neopets, map pieces are tradable and can be purchased from other users' shops or traded for on the Trading Post.

Where to turn them in

You can turn in your treasure map pieces on the Treasure Hunt page which you can get to by going to the the Games Room. Treasure Maps is in the Misc section.

Treasure Maps


  • prices tend to fluctuate so avoid buying individual pieces until you only need one or two to complete a map
  • trade with others to get pieces. It's common to trade one Secret Lab Map piece for three non-Lab pieces (Spooky, Space, etc.) and one non-Lab piece for another non-Lab piece.
  • if you have absolutely no interest in Treasure Maps for some reason, you can buy an Occultus Loco from the Hidden Town and resell it in your shop for a huge profit! They are always in high demand.

Are they worth it?

Yes! All of them are worth completing at least once. You definitely want to get access to the Secret Lab, Petpet Lab, and Forgotten Shore as soon as possible just like on retail Neopets. The other maps award Paintbrushes, Neopets, items, and site themes which aren't that important but are still nice to have.

As for completing them multiple times, I think some are worth it but not others and a lot of it is based on luck. The Paint Brush rewards can be great but since the playerbase is small and the economy is a bit slow, it can take a while to sell your Paint Brushes if you get colors you don't want to keep.

Cooking Pot

If you start accumulating a lot of unwanted, hard-to-sell Paint Brushes, one thing you can do is mix three into the Mystery Island Cooking Pot to create a random Paint Brush. It's a gamble though. You could end up with something expensive or something even worse than what you started with. I actually got a Starter Paint Brush once...

As of writing this guide (January 2023), I don't think the Forgotten Shore Map is worth completing more than once. It only rewards Neopoints and dubloons which are fairly useless on the site. This will change in the future once more Krawk Island features are implemented but for now, they're not worth much at all. You can always horde your dubloons if you want though.


The item pools and NP amounts come from the Moderneo Discord bot.

Original Treasure Map

Every completion:

  • 1 Paintbrush (not a Starter Paintbrush, Ghost, Halloween, Darigan, Shadow, Faerie, Royal, Maraquan, Eventide, Maractite, or Island)
  • 1 Petpet Paintbrush (not Darigan, Dung, Ghost, Hallowen, Magma, Mutant, Stealthy, Zombie, Eventide, Island, Maractite, Maraquan, or Water)
  • 2 collectible card booster packs
  • 3 random items of r60-r99
  • 50,000-200,000 NP

First completion:

  • Cyodrake's Gaze site theme

Secret Laboratory Map

First 10 completions:

  • 1 daily lab zap
  • 100,000-150,000 NP

Subsequent completions:

Petpet Laboratory Map

First 10 completions:

  • 1 daily Petpet Laboratory zap
  • 15,000-40,000 NP

Subsequent completions:

Space Map

Every completion:

  • 1 Paintbrush (not a Starter Paintbrush, Basic colors, Darigan, Ghost, Halloween, Shadow, Faerie, Royal, Maraquan, Eventide, Maractite, or Island)
  • 1 Transmogrification Potion
  • 1 Animalis
  • 3 random items of r81-r94
  • 5 random Space Faerie items
  • 10,000-50,000 NP

First completion:

  • Space Faerie site theme

Underwater Map

Every completion:

  • 1 Paintbrush (Maraquan, Eventide, Island, or Maractite)
  • 1 Petpet Paintbrush (Eventide, Island, Maractite, Maraquan, or Water)
  • 1 Underwater Goodie Bag
  • 9 random r99+ aquatic foods
  • 1 fishing level for each of your pets
  • 10,000-50,000 NP

First completion:

  • Curse of Maraqua site theme

Spooky Treasure Map

Every completion:

  • 1 Paintbrush (Darigan, Ghost, Halloween, or Shadow)
  • 1 Petpet Paintbrush (Darigan, Dung, Ghost, Halloween, Magma, Mutant, Stealthy, or Zombie)
  • 1 Abandoned Petpet Carrier
  • 8 r60+ spooky foods
  • 10,000-50,000 NP

First completion:

  • Halloween site theme

Forgotten Shore Map

First completion only:

  • access to the Forgotten Shore daily

Subsequent completions:

  • 50-500 dubloons
  • 10,000-50,000 NP

Prize Info

Some of the prizes are items exclusive to Moderneo or very uncommon to ever own on retail so here's some basic info on them.


Grants you one additional pet slot.

One-Use Zappermajig

Changes your pet's color to Ice, Chocolate, or Robot depending on which Zappermajig you use.

Underwater Goodie Bag

Opening it gives you one random retired Aquatic Petpet.

Abandoned Petpet Carrier

Opening it gives you one random retired Spooky Petpet.

Mysterious Swirly Potion

Changes your pet into a limited edition species.

Flask of Rainbow Fountain Water

Changes your pet to a random color.